I have a note on my bathroom mirror that says, “I trust you, Lord”. I see it every morning, throughout the day, and at night as I prepare for bed. I even repeat it aloud each time I see it. I try to make sure it doesn’t become one of those notes that sort of fades into the background and gets ignored.  It recently occurred to me that trusting God isn’t my problem – waiting in hopeful trust often is.  To me, this means I have to put aside my desires for whatever outcome I am praying for and be willing to let God do what He knows is best for me. Make no mistake, I can be strong-willed. I what I want (and I want it now) but if I truly believe in a future with Our Father then I will accept whatever God’s plan may be for me, no pounding fists, no arguing.  With hopeful trust I KNOW that God’s got this. All of this, whatever “this” might be at the moment. And that means I can always rest in His Presence.

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