Rest. What we dream of as we scurry about attempting to complete our 50-item to-do list.  We continually tell our friends (and whoever else will listen) that we wish we had time to rest. I feel I’ve been looking for the time to “rest” since I was a young mother with very small children. Now, as a Grandmother, I find myself still looking for that time to rest.

It’s kind of funny, actually. I’m retired now, but seem busier than ever. Some of it is because it takes me longer to do things. Some of it is that now I have the time to help out here and there. Mostly though, it’s lack of focus. It seems as though I start my days walking the dog, giving him medications (he’s older than me in people years), doing various and sundry things as they cross my path with no real plan or purpose. At the end of the day I’m exhausted and don’t really know why.

I’ve heard it a thousand  times in Bible studies and Church sermons; read it in every inspirational blog and book: start the day with Jesus. I’ve started my journey over and over, then let the demands of everyday get in my way. I pray I am now ready to truly Rest. Rest In His Presence Daily, finding comfort and peace through His Word. I have found that a day that starts with His Word provides better focus for everything that comes after and gives perspective to all the “important” things going on in my life. When I make the Word my priority I truly find the rest I’m always seeking. Why then do my best intentions always fall by the wayside?  The reasons don’t matter. Letting the HOLY SPIRIT guide my life does. Here’s to a new beginning – with God in charge of my day.

May The Lord show you rest, too.


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